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Apex Legends Mobile Drops Today

Popular battle royale game, Apex Legends Mobile, is now available to download on mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile is out today!

Until now, the only way to experience one of the most popular battle royale games in the market is through PC and consoles. But that changes today as the global launch of Apex Legends mobile is happening right now. Players should be able to download the game on your iOS and Android phone as you’re reading this. But before you go and download the game, why don’t we take a look at some of the differences the mobile version has compared to its big brother counterparts.

Exclusive Mobile Legend: Fade

Fade is a mobile-exclusive Legend.

Initially it would seem like Fade is a knock-off of fan favorite Wraith in terms of abilities. Both make use of the phasing technology found in the world of Apex, but Fade seems to be designed to be more user friendly for new mobile players who have not played Apex Legends before. His tactical ability, Flash Back, gives Fade players the ability to rewind and retrace the steps that you’ve taken. While it won’t restore any damage you took, it gives those players who find themselves being attacked by opposing players a way to rewind and hopefully get back into a position of safety.

His ultimate ability, Phase Chamber, is a throwable area of effect ability that transports all Legends that are in range into the Void. While in the Void, Legends cannot attack but they also cannot be attacked. It seems like a great ability to allow teams to reset their engagements and rotate if they find themselves on the losing side or get into an ambush.

But that’s not all, all Legends have been given a new Perks system that is not from the PC and console versions. This lets you customize your favorite Legends with different passives and finishers. This might be divisive to players already familiar with the other versions, so just think of this as a new game and these perks are meant to help you cover some of your weaknesses that you have.

New Progression and Modes

Respawn decided to go back to basics with the Apex Legends Mobile roster.

While it may seem daunting to new players to start playing Apex Legends on PC and console, with almost two dozen Legends, 4 battle royale maps and almost 8 arena maps to learn. Respawn has decided to cut the number of legends in half, only having 1 battle royale map, World’s Edge, and 3 arena maps in their first season. They might add more later on, but for now it’s a way to introduce new players into the game. The seasons and unlocks are also different compared to its older brethren to reduce the FOMO from missing out on nearly 3 years of events and unlocks.

The mobile version also includes a new mobile exclusive, 6v6 Team Deathmatch mode with two variants, Clash and Deathmatch, which determine where downed players respawn. In Deathmatch, killed players respawn at random points near their teammates. In Clash, they spawn at their home base.

Quality of Life Changes

Third Person Perspective modes are popular with mobile battle royale games.

There’s a lot to cover here but here’s some of the things that we’ve noticed.

  • Weapons have stat breakdowns now and you can compare between each weapon and see their damage output, reload times, rate of fire, etc. Convenient for when patches come in and you don't want to look up the patch notes to see how much they've buffed or nerfed your favorite weapon.

  • Names over locations. Players no longer have to consult their map over and over again when dropping. Points of Interests have huge names over them to let players know where they are landing.

  • Auto-pickups. You can set auto-pickup to be on and the game intelligently picks up ammo, attachments, weapons and even switches your shields in the heat of battle. Sometimes you just want to get into the action quicker and not have matches go for 20 over minutes like the other versions because your teammate is slowly thinking about what to get from a death box. You can even see things like your current ammo stock without going into the backpack menu.

  • Third person view. This may or may not be a QoL change to some people. But we appreciate being able to see more of the environment especially on mobile because the aiming controls aren’t as quick as on the other version. So having a wider field of view lets us spot enemies sneaking around the corner.

So far we're enjoying the new game but we would like to hear from you. Do you like the changes made? Is Fade too OP? Let us know.


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