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Anti-Mage Persona Revealed...and It's Disappointing

Seriously Valve, what were you thinking?

Ever since the introduction of Personas in last year's Battle Pass, fans have been looking forward to this year's release, and Valve did not disappoint, opting to introduce 2 Hero Personas this year. Anti-Mage's was released recently, and it was not close to the expectations of the community.

Penned as the disciple of Anti-Mage himself, Wei is taught about the lost ways of the Turstarkuri by her master. We never expected her to be ... so much alike from her master. Her Persona looks like Anti-Mage, with a leaner body and longer hair, and that's pretty much it. Her skill animations and attack animations are very similar to that of her master, and compared to the Kid Invoker Persona, leaves much to be desired.

I mean, Kid Invoker had 3 custom skill icons, a much different yet still interesting model and whole new voice lines. Granted, the Anti-Mage persona has over 900 new voice lines, but it is still very underwhelming. As with all other Personas, you are unable to equip any other cosmetics with the Persona, hence the Anti-Mage Persona looks very bland.

There is still time for Valve to change things after community feedback, and the Pudge Persona is still looked forward to by the community, so perhaps things might change for the better. Knowing Valve though, we should keep our expectations low.


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