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Another Player Joins the Fray: Ubisoft Announces 'Hyper Scape' Battle Royale

In the packed and competitive Battle Royale genre, Ubisoft looks to challenge the big dogs with their futuristic high-flying take on the genre, Hyper Scape.

Conceptualised by the great minds that brought you Rainbow 6 and Assassin's Creed, Hyper Scape is a multi-elevation, fast-paced battle royale packed with futuristic weapons and upgrades. As Ubisoft rolls out their Tech Test (something like a closed beta test phase), be prepared to jump into the field with 2 of your buddies to try and capture the crown.

Currently, the Tech Test is not accessible for Malaysians, but you can still try your luck to get access to the Tech Test via Ubisoft partnered Twitch streamers (much like Valorant did on their closed beta). Servers are mostly situated in North America, South America and Europe. If you are from those regions, you can sign up for the Tech Test here. It is a short Tech Test phase as it only lasts from 2 July till 7 July.

Currently featuring different game modes, the Tech Test will unveil 9 weapons, 9 hacks (power-ups) and 9 Champion outfits, along with limited cosmetics available only during the Tech Test period. The modes available are:

  1. Crown Rush Squad - 33 squads of 3 players

  2. Crown Rush Solo - battle royale mayhem with 100 players

  3. Unannounced limited-time mode

If you missed out on the Tech Test, fret not as Ubisoft plans to release the game some time late 2020, although it may be delayed if the game is not up to the standards of the developers. This is another game we will be definitely looking out for.


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