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Amnesia: Rebirth Gets New Gameplay Trailer

A new gameplay trailer for Amnesia: Rebirth has been released ahead of the game’s 20 October release.

The five-minute trailer shows the player character Tasi Trianon exploring creepy environments, solving puzzles, and, as is the norm in the Amnesia series, frantically fleeing from a monster in tense moments.

According to the Steam store page, the premise will see Trianon waking in the Algerian desert with, well, amnesia. “Days have passed. Where have you been? What did you do? Where are the others? Retrace your journey, pull together the fragments of your shattered past; it is your only chance to survive the pitiless horror that threatens to devour you,” reads the description.

Amnesia: Rebirth will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and


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