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Amnesia: Rebirth and Riverbond are Epic's New Freebies

Free on the Epic Games Store this week are the third installment in the Amnesia series for horror fans and a co-op adventure set in a voxel world.

Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia: Rebirth is a "harrowing journey through desolation and despair, exploring the limits of human resilience" where players play as Tasi Trianon, who has no memories of what she has done and where she has been over the past few days. Explore the desert caves of Algeria, look for light sources, and solve puzzles to find back fragments of her memory while maintaining Tasi's fear level.

Claim Amnesia: Rebirth for free here.


"The Knight has imprisoned the leaders of the Eight Worlds, causing chaos, droughts and disarray! Adventure together to defeat evil and help the charming citizens of Riverbond in this action-packed journey through beautiful, hand-crafted worlds," the game story reads. Riverbond can be played in single-player or up to 4 players with a range of "fast and responsive weapons" that players can choose from.

Download Riverbond here.

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