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After 2 Years of Radio Silence on Twitter, Official 'Mafia' Account Tweets Just One Word


17 hours ago, the official Twitter account for Mafia (the game, not the crime syndicate, you dingus) tweeted just that: Family.

It is unknown whether the cryptic tweet was scheduled to coincide with International Mother's Day, but it seems unlikely given the lack of context nor acknowledgement of past years' celebrations.

That means a new title is probably on its way (don't take our word for it - after all, we only have one word to draw our conclusions from).

We don't whether it will be the next installment of the franchise or simply a remaster of a previous title - if the Twitter comments are anything to go by, a remake of Mafia II seems to be in good demand.

Either way, we'll have to wait until more details are officially revealed in the coming days to find out more.


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