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78% of Millennials and Gen Z Multitask With Smartphones, Says Samsung Survey

A new survey conducted by Samsung says that 78% of millennials and Gen Z multitask with their smartphones, while 69% of total respondents did so. The survey results coincide with the recent release of the new Galaxy Z Fold 2, which, you guessed it, is partly marketed as an “unparalleled” multitasking device.

Samsung conducted the survey with US and Korean consumers who had an interest in foldable devices to see how device usage has changed due to COVID-19. The survey found that 74% of respondents working from home multitask with their smartphones.

Meanwhile, 79% said that they want to view and use multiple apps at the same time. The majority of the respondents’ multitasking activities came in the form of messaging and emailing, followed by social media, online shopping, and movies and TV.

The survey also said that 76% of the aforementioned 69% of total respondents who multitasked with their smartphones are “definitely considering a foldable multitask on their smartphone”. Interestingly, however, the survey also says that only 38% of total respondents said that they wanted a foldable for the purpose of multitasking on a larger screen. Instead, a larger percentage (64%) said that they wanted a foldable simply “for the larger screen but improved portability”, while a 46% wanted one for a better viewing experience.

You can check out Samsung's survey infographic below:


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