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Zizan Razak Returns to Free Fire as Brand Ambassador this Ramadhan

Today, Free Fire officially launches its new Free Fire For All campaign and as part of the launch, the game announces a collaboration with local celebrity - Zizan Razak. The campaign also features Ramadhan events, running from now until 8 May.

The collaboration marks Zizan Razak's return to the game as Free Fire's brand ambassador. He was also the game's first-ever local ambassador in 2021. The collaboration is set to happen for a span of 5 months from April until August. In his video announcement, Zizan Razak hinted that there will be more events under the campaign "involving famous faces".

As part of the campaign, local Survivors can have a chance to play with the celebrity on 23 April at 6pm, including gameplay tips, variety games, and a postcard giveaway signed by Zizan Razak himself. Players who participate in community events and in-game activities will stand a chance to win collaboration-specific merchandise.

The Ramadhan season will kick off with a time-limited "Gather the Dates" aftermatch drop from 7am - 7pm daily for players to collect "Duit Raya" packets, which can be used to redeem Ramadhan-themed items such as the Blooming Falco pet skin and the Falco pet.

From today until 23 April, there will be a series of "Berbuka Puasa" live streams taking place at 6pm for players to enjoy a few rounds of custom matches while breaking fast together.

The main highlight of the event is a Raya Galore Day event on 23 April and a Hari Raya event on 3 May, where Survivors will receive themed prizes such as unique collectibles and an emote when they log in to the game and complete missions. The Magic Cube will also be available exclusively on Raya Day.

Free Fie is a free-to-play game, available on the App Store and the Play Store.


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