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You Can Now Customise Your Steam Profile with Animated Avatars, Frames, Backgrounds, and More

In case y'all compulsive game buyers haven't noticed, Gaben is back for his annual cash grab with the Steam Summer Sale. You'll have until 9th of July (Pacific Time) to load your virtual cart with all the games you've ever wanted (but will never play).

However, some people might have missed another huge update that rolled out along with the Steam Sale: additional profile customisations including animated avatars and avatar frames, animated backgrounds, and more! You'll also be able to customise your mini-profile background (the small info box that pops up when people hover their mouse over your picture in their friend list).

You can redeem these upgrades at the very creatively-named Point Shop using Steam Points earned by purchasing games during the sale. As of now, there still isn't a huge amount of choices - there are only 11 animated mini-profile backgrounds, 13 main profile backgrounds, 4 animated avatars and 7 avatar frames - some of which aren't even animated. However, they are yours to keep forever (as far as we know).

Apart from purchasable customisations, you'll also enjoy 5 new profile themes for free. These themes alter the background colour of the main body of text, allowing you to match it to your shiny new background for a more unified aesthetic. Themes can be accessed via the 'edit profile' button under the 'themes' tab.

On top of these exciting new customisations that evoke a strong sense of nostalgia (Friendster and MSN messenger, anyone?) this year's Summer Sale also grants you one random animated sticker per day, so don't forget to check the Steam Store daily to redeem yours.

You'll also enjoy additional savings of RM10 with every RM60 spent, so get shopping now!


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