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Xbox Game Pass User Plays Games On Samusng Flip 4 Cover Screen

Xbox Cloud Gaming has greatly expanded the way Xbox users play their games on other devices. Whether its a smartphone or a tablet, you can play Xbox games on it thanks to the power of streaming.

One device that’s compatible with Xbox Cloud Gaming is the Samsung Flip 4, a foldable phone with a dedicated cover screen that is smaller than the standard screen and functions on a limited scope. One Reddit user has had the bright idea of combining the two and seeing the results.

Reddit user The_jeef shared a video of them using Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Flip 4’s cover screen which surprisingly works. While it initially looked like the game would not register any touch screen controls due to the comically small size of the screen. It actually works as intended.

Many users expressed surprise and enthusiasm at The_jeef’s showcase, with many expressing the accessibility of Xbox Game Pass. Who knows, maybe in the future we can see Xbox games playable on a smart fridge thanks to Cloud Gaming.


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