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Warframe Cross-Save Progression Is Planned To Released Before End of 2023

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One of the most highly anticipated features is set to be added to Warframe, marking a significant milestone as the game celebrates its 10th anniversary since its release. This exciting addition is the Warframe cross-save progression, a feature that Digital Extremes has officially announced during the TennoCon 2023 events.

While the development team had previously introduced the cross-play feature, allowing players on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch to play together, the cross-save functionality had been notably absent.

However, fans should expect Warframe cross-save later this year, "This feature will allow you to access your account on every platform — taking your Mastery Rank, Focus, Rewards, Equipment, and more wherever you want to play!" according to the statement made by Digital Extremes. (Thanks, Nintendo Life)

Moreover, a mobile version of Warframe is also coming sometime in 2024 where iOS users may now pre-register via App Store.


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