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Video Call up to 50 People for Free - Facebook Messenger Rooms Now Rolling Out Globally

Lockdowns caused by the global pandemics has certainly brought group video calls back into fashion, and Facebook isn't missing out on a piece of the action.

Facebook Messenger Rooms is a new feature that allows you to host video calls for up to 50 people with no time limit. To receive the new feature, ensure that your phone has the latest updates for both the Facebook and Messenger apps; desktop users will need to download the Messenger Desktop app from the Microsoft Store or Mac App Store.

As with other video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex, users do not need to have a Facebook account to partake in a group call - they can simply join via an invitation link from the host.

Like most major updates, global rollout may take a while, so do be patient while waiting for the update to reach you.


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