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Vegans are unhappy with the Diablo 4 x KFC promotion.

On March 9, 2023, Blizzard collaborated with KFC and launch a promotion (only applicable in the U.S.) for Diablo 4 where players can get the game beta access key with the purchase of a Double Down via the KFC app or on

However, there's a Redditor claims that the "Beta Access Key" for Diablo 4 is more like an "Anti vegan beta key" as he/she is not able to get the access key other than ordering a dead chicken from KFC (Double Down)

In addition, the lack of vegan or vegetarian meals on the menu for the Diablo 4 beta access key has caused controversy and upset many vegetarians. Of course, there are some non-vegetarian players who suggested that you can buy the meal just for the key and don't eat it or just wait for the open beta on March 24-26.


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