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Valorant Gets New Replication Mode, New Tethered Realms Skins Coming Soon

Valorant has received a new game mode called Replication with Patch 2.09, which will temporarily replace the weapon-cycling Escalation mode.

Replication’s name comes from the fact that all players in a team are given the same agent. The mode has a set amount of credits per round and confers victory to the first team that wins five rounds.

"The goal of this game mode is to flesh out our offering of more casual feeling modes. We also hope to offer novelty and unique-feeling gameplay,” says Riot Games. “The opportunities for strategic depth should keep midcore audiences engaged with wacky theorycrafting opportunities while still allowing the casual player to enjoy the novelty of the mode in a solo queue.”

The detailed rules of the mode as outlined by Riot are:

  • BO9 Unrated Rules with time adjustments

    • 80 second round length

    • 45 second pistol round w/ 30 second subsequent rounds

  • All players on the same team are the same Agent

    • Players vote on which agent to be during a modified version of the selection screen, and then everyone plays the winner.

  • Abilities (except Ultimate) are refreshed every round

    • Players gain +1 Ult points per round at the start of the round (except Overtime)

  • Players have a set amount of Creds each round regardless of win/loss

    • Round Cred Amounts: 900, 2400, 3900, 6000

    • Gun/Shield are reset each round

  • Being flashed twice within a 4 second window grants FLASHGUARD to the player

    • FLASHGUARD: Cannot be blinded Duration: 5 seconds

Riot says that Replication will “likely” be available for two weeks before being put in mode rotation. The company did not elaborate on its “mode rotation strategy”, but it sounds like players will still be able to enjoy Escalation in the near future, albeit at specific periods. Riot says that more info on mode rotation will arrive soon.

Additionally, the company announced the upcoming Tethered Realms Skin Line that will arrive on May 26 (at least in PT time). The line is inspired by Sovereign and Forsaken “in a classic juxtaposition of righteousness and corrupted darkness, exploring the contrast between Good and Evil, Darkness and Light”.

Guns that will receive skins from this new line include the Vandal, Operator, Ghost, and Guardian. Meanwhile, the melee weapon slot will get the Prosperity & Demise skin. At level one, the skin features a “Sovereign Sword with custom moving textures”, while level two is a “Dual wield weapon comprised of Sovereign Sword and Forsaken Ritual Dagger with custom design”. The Tethered Realms Skin Line will have a Premium Edition price tier, and the bundle will include two cards.


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