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Users Can Now Edit Messages Within 15-minutes on the Latest Version of WhatsApp

Meta has announced the Edit Message feature in a blog post, giving users the ability to edit their messages within a 15-minute time frame similar to the iOS 16 update on the iMessages. Previously, users would have to delete the entire message to correct any typo or incorrect information they have already sent.

Besides that, the WhatsApp message edit features seem to have no limit on how many times the message can be edited, in contrast to Apple's iMessage, which is 5 times. In addition, the amended messages will show up as "Edited" beside the timeframe to notify receivers that changes have been made.

To access the edit feature, simply press and hold the message you wanted to change, tap the three-dot menu and tap on edit, revise the messages you wanted to send, and tap the check button to send it out.

The good news is message editing feature is now officially available for Android, iOS and even WhatsApp web users. Make sure you update to the newest version of WhatsApp from App Store or Google Play.

Source: Meta


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