Unannounced Silent Hill game has been rated in South Korea.

Silent Hill: The Short Message game rating appears while the game is not announced yet.

It appears that Silent Hill: A Short Message, a brand-new Silent Hill project that hasn't yet been revealed, has obtained an age rating in South Korea. The publisher listed on the rating is UNIANA, which is in charge of distributing various Konami games in Korea.

The Korean Ratings Board may have recently confirmed the P.T-like teaser that was previously shown. According to Gematsu, a game called "Silent Hill: The Short Message" first appeared on the ratings board earlier today. No platforms were mentioned, and there is definitely no release date. A series of leaks over the past few months may be to responsible for the new Silent Hill rating.

Remember that the information above is all that we have about Silent Hill: The Short Message at the moment, except from the fact that South Korea has given it a video game rating. The Short Message is at the very least expected to be a mobile game, but Konami has yet to officially confirm that.