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Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six Siege's New Limited-Time Event - Containment

Ubisoft has announced a limited-time event Containment in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege inspired by Rainbow Six Extraction. From 3 - 24 August, there will be a new game mode called Nest Destruction, in which players need to destroy or defend an alien nest on a reworked version of the Consulate map.

In the Nest Destruction mode, the attackers play as a team of REACT agents that destroy nests against a team of Proteans that can disguise as REACT Operators. While the Proteans can mimic and are fast, they can only use melee attacks like Aruni’s punch and Oryx’s special abilities. Attackers, however, can equip standard loadouts and access to a limited number of operators.

In addition, there will be quite a number of items for the Rainbow Six Operators including headgear, uniforms, and weapon kins. Players can also purchase limited-time customisation items in the shop or via Containment Packs.


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