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Two Genshin Impact Characters Potentially Returning For Rerun Banner

Two five-star characters in Genshin Impact are potentially returning in a rerun banner.

According to leaker SpendYourPrimos on Twitter, Venti and Eula will return as banner reruns in version 3.1. This likely means the game will be going back to Mondstadt for a limited-time event, given that banner characters are usually involved in the version.

In addition, the leaker speculated that the first four updates of Sumeru will feature banners for the Archons of Genshin. Zhongli is currently available in 3.0, with Venti coming in 3.1, newcomer Dendro Archon Nahida in 3.2 and Raiden Shogun in 3.3.

With how highly praised the Archons are for both their gameplay and story, it's best to start saving Primogems for them.


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