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Twitter's Experimental New Feature Allows You to Choose Who Can Reply to Your Tweets

Wanna tweet something without engaging in a soul-draining Twitter war? With Twitter's latest feature, you can.

Most Twitter users aren't strangers to unwanted replies in their feed - previously, the only way to prevent random strangers from replying to your long train of 3am thoughts was to make your account private. Sure, you could hide replies or block unsavoury characters, but that doesn't prevent you from seeing annoying or unnecessary remarks that might ruin your mood.

Now, Twitter has rolled out an update that allows users to select who can join the conversation. There are 3 settings:

  • Everyone (current and default settings)

  • People you follow

  • Only people you mention

You'll be able to select the settings before you post your tweet, and while unauthorised people will still be able to view your tweet, their reply button will be grayed out and unusable. The affected tweet will also have the permissions clearly labeled to prevent confusion.

For now, the new feature is limited to a group of iOS, Android and desktop users globally, hopefully with a full-scale rollout to follow.


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