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Twitter Begins Testing For Spaces, a Voice Chat Room-like Feature

Twitter has begun to roll out Spaces, a “small experiment focused on the intimacy of the human voice”.

Spaces was originally announced in November. As reported by the Verge then, the feature serves to provide voice-based conversation spaces for users. The Spaces Twitter page, which went live recently, says that it’s meant to bring people together “to connect directly in an intimate, conversational Space.”

The creator of a space will have complete control over who in the space can or cannot speak. Features that are being tested include the ability to share tweets in spaces, hand gesture-like reactions, reporting and blocking, and a “very early version” of live transcriptions.

Image source: Twitter

For now, Spaces will be available to a “very small” feedback group that the developers will communicate with through DMs. The Spaces Twitter page said that it might share updates as well, but there’s no word yet on when we can expect the feature to become more widely available.

The start of Spaces’ small-scale testing comes after the launch of Fleets, basically Twitter’s take on Instagram and Facebook Stories, in the same month as Spaces’ announcement. You can check out Spaces’ Twitter page here.


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