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Turn Up The Heat: Need For Speed Heat First Impressions

Do you hear that engine growl? The newest entry in the Need For Speed franchise is here, and the recent trailer is pure FIRE. It is developed by Ghost Games, the same studio which developed the Need For Speed reboot as well as its sequel, Payback, and is published by Electronic Arts. It drops on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Origin Store on November 8, 2019.

Welcome to Palm City

...where the trees grow tall and the fastest takes all. Introducing an all-new locale, a lively and fresh city based on Miami, Florida. An exotic, tropical paradise for speed junkies and car lovers to converge at and show off their skills.

Hustle by Day

During the daytime, players can join the Speedhunters Showdown, which is a series of racing events that takes place in controlled, closed-off segments of the city.

Through these races, players can earn Bank, which is NFS Heat’s in-game equivalent of currency. There is also an open world option where players can roam and explore while looking for challenges and collectables.

Risk It All by Night

Once you’ve had your fill of fun in the sun, switch up the scenery and drive in the neon-centric night mode of Palm City. At night, players can join illegal night races to earn Rep - in-game notoriety. Be warned, though. Cops will chase you down as you race, and at night they will show you no mercy.

You’ll accumulate Heat as you zip across the city, and with a higher Heat Level comes deadlier opposition. Helicopters and Rhinos will attempt to put a stop to your joyride, and if you get arrested, you will lose Rep as well as a significant amount of cash.

Pimp My Ride

What exactly does Rep do then? Rep is the main source of progression in the game, which earns you unlocks that you pay for with Bank (good on them to chuck out the Speed Cards from Need For Speed: Payback). From your garage, you can custom-tune your performance and make your ride your own. Want an off-road drifting beast? Build it.

You can also show off your own unique sense of style by customising your car with a whole slew of different parts such as skirts and spoilers, making it all the more personal.

In Adidas and Some Short Shorts

This oughta perk up the hypebeast in you: YOU CAN EVEN CUSTOMIZE WHAT YOUR CHARACTER WEARS! Granted, player customization itself is rather limited, as you can’t really customize the look of your character, but if you want to rock a pair of Adidas sneakers and Givenchy shades, they gotchu fam.


Being an avid Need For Speed fan myself, I was blown away when the trailer dropped. Seeing that the game already has a little bit of drama heating up around it further fanned the flames of enthusiasm I have towards it (but the absence of the Toyota Supra is a real bummer).

Pre-orders are out, and if you’re interested, it’s $79.90 (est. RM334.86) for the Standard Edition and $94.90 (est. RM397.93) for the Deluxe Edition, which comes with a car, 4 clothing options as well as Rep and Bank boosts. I have very high hopes for this game, and I really, really hope that Ghost Games manages to nail this one. Pardon my broke boy status, but if I do manage to get a hold of a copy of the game, rest assured an in-depth review is coming your way. Gotta win a few races to pay for that price tag.


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