Truly The Journey’s End: Terraria’s Eight-Year Adventure Comes To A Close

For the uninitiated, Terraria is a lovely little action-adventure sandbox game from the Indie devs Re-Logic which features a vast, 2D open world with pixel graphics. If that makes little to no sense to you, just imagine Minecraft but as a side-scroller.

The upcoming update, titled ‘Journey’s End’, is the 4th major update to the game, and is touted to be the last of its kind, marking the end of the game’s 8-year run, with several tiny patches and quality of life updates to come before the devs finally close this book.

So, what’s in the update?

What’s the big deal, you say? Well, the Journey’s End update is slated to include:

  • Over 800 new items for players to discover in the world or to craft by themselves;

  • New challenges as well as more pixelated blood to spill from all the new enemies you’re gonna yeet;

  • New mini-biomes to see see look look;

  • TONS of quality of life improvements to make the overall Terraria experience just that much sweeter;

  • A friggen’ BESTIARY so you can keep track of numbers and shizz about the monsters you yoted;

  • GOLF...because why the hell not?!

  • A new difficulty mode for all you hardcore Terrarians out there;

  • New and enhanced weather effects, so you can literally feel the rain on your skin (jk you can’t, but the new weather FX be legit).

So, yeah. It’s a really big deal alright. You could say that it’s almost a complete re-imagining of the game, or at the very least, a massive free DLC pack.

Is it worth the pickup now?

Hell yeah it is! Whether you love survival-exploration, action-adventure, or simply carving a whole new life for yourself in a wonderfully-packaged sandbox experience, this game has heaps to offer for gamers of every persuasion.

The graphics have a certain charm to it - the more you play it, the more you get drawn into it.

The mechanics are solidly executed, from the mining to the combat and all the way to the trading - everything just feels in place and appropriately fitting. The endless delights of exploration will make you want to sink hours upon hours into it, so that every nook and cranny of the game is explored and no block is left unturned.

For the low, low price of RM23 on Steam, it’s not a hard decision to simply reach for your card and buy it immediately, even for the most kiam siap of you out there.


All in all, Terraria is a classic that is near and dear to our hearts, and with solid multiplayer gameplay, it’s hard not to extol the glorious virtues of this charming side-scroller.

Build a whole new life in your very own world

If you’re itching for some good ol’ sandbox fun with some pals, look no further than this deceptively simple-looking game that belies endless depth, carefully made with lots of love.

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