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TP-Link Archer BE805 Review - The Future of Wireless Connectivity Wi-Fi

TP-Link’s Archer BE805 is one of the first Wi-Fi 7 wireless routers in the market as if you're contemplating a Wi-Fi router upgrade in 2024, Wi-Fi 7 deserves serious consideration. Representing the next evolution in Wi-Fi technology, it boasts significantly enhanced performance and reduced latency. Although current device compatibility is somewhat limited, Wi-Fi 7 is anticipated to become widely adopted from 2024 onwards.



Provides the latest 6GHz Wi-Fi

Some security features require paid subscription

Stylish Design

Alot of functions

Archer BE805 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 7 Router

Price: From RM1,499

Design and Ports

The Archer BE805 is a substantial router, nearly comparable in size to a PlayStation 4 or a mini desktop PC. This size isn't unexpected, given the impressive features packed by TP-Link into the router. It appears exceptionally stylish. In a playful twist, you can humorously present it as a gaming device when discussing it with your wife or mother due to its resemblance.

Revolutionizing Wi-Fi routers with its 19 Gbps Tri-Band WiFi 7, the Archer BE805 empowers your devices to operate at peak speeds. Featuring one 10 Gbps WAN port, one 10 Gbps LAN port, four 1 Gbps LAN ports, and two USB 3.0 ports, the Archer BE805 offers an optimal solution for future-proofing your home network. The proprietary WiFi optimization and 10× optimally positioned antennas along with Beamforming helps to deliver more capacity, stronger and more reliable connections, with lesser interference.

Additionally, it is equipped with a Power On/Off Button, Reset Button, WPS Button, Wi-Fi Button, and LED Button located on the rear side, enhancing the ease of setting up your internet connection.

Tether App

Effortless Administration through Tether App – Simplifying network management, the TP-Link Tether app is accessible on both Android and iOS devices.

I strongly advise utilizing the TP-Link Tether app for router management. With its integration into the TP-Link cloud, there's no need for intricate port forwarding. I can oversee the router, monitor connected devices, and configure parental controls through the app, even when I'm out of the country.

Firmware and Features

With the increasing complexity of wireless routers, the software plays a crucial role in ensuring a fast and reliable network. TP-Link's software has undergone significant refinement over the years and currently stands out as one of my favorites. It boasts user-friendly and easily manageable features, all the while maintaining exceptional stability.

6GHz Wi-Fi Performance Test

Let’s jump right into the Wi-Fi performance test since this is what the Archer BE805 is about. I’ll be testing the performance of the 6GHz network by running speed test on my ROG Phone 8.

Near Distance Test

The Wi-Fi performance of the Archer BE805 is exceptionally fast, thanks to the support of up to 320MHz bandwidth on the 6GHz Wi-Fi 7 band. However, to fully harness the potential of this band, it requires a device capable of supporting Wi-Fi 7. In my case, with a Wi-Fi plan of 300mbps, both the 5GHz and 6GHz are capped at 300mbps. Nevertheless, if you are on a higher data plan, the 6GHz band will undoubtedly deliver faster results.

(6GHz vs 5GHz)

Far Distance Test

The range of the 6GHz network appears to be wider than that of the 5GHz network. As evidenced by the test below, when conducting a speed test at a distance of three walls, the 6GHz network consistently delivers more stable and faster internet compared to the 5GHz network.

(6GHz vs 5GHz)

While having a lightning fast 6GHz network looks good on benchmark, the reality is, most devices will still be relying on the 5GHz network. The Archer BE805 is an excellent performer on the 5GHz Wi-Fi network even for older Wi-Fi devices that do not support Wi-Fi 7 or even the 6GHz band.


The TP-Link Archer BE805 is equipped with built-in EasyMesh support, allowing you to connect multiple EasyMesh-supported routers to create a mesh Wi-Fi network and enhance overall Wi-Fi coverage. For the ultimate Wi-Fi 7 mesh network, you can even connect two Archer BE805 units. With EasyMesh compatibility, the Archer BE805 facilitates the creation of a seamless whole-home mesh Wi-Fi network, preventing disruptions and lag when transitioning between signals. Experience uninterrupted streaming as you move around your home.

Tracking and Blocking

In addition to its user-friendly interface and stability, TP-Link's software offers advanced features that contribute to a comprehensive network management experience. Notably, it provides the capability to track connected devices, allowing you to monitor and identify each device accessing your network.

This tracking feature empowers you with the ability to block the users connected to your Wi-Fi, thereby enhancing your network security and blocking unwanted devices, providing an additional layer of control and customization over your network access. This multifaceted approach to network management not only ensures a fast and consistent connection but also prioritizes security and control for an optimized user experience.

Wi-Fi Setup

It's easy to configure the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz networks to with the Tethering App. The Archer BE805 ensures exceptional compatibility, functioning seamlessly with all Wi-Fi generations and a diverse range of devices, as well as accommodating various internet service providers.

Track Traffic Usage

Monitoring traffic usage provides valuable insights into the internet usage patterns of the entire household. This feature becomes particularly beneficial when internet performance exhibits lag, allowing you to identify and track users responsible for excessive data consumption, whether it's due to activities like bitcoin farming or downloading large files.

TPLink HomeShield

The standout feature is undoubtedly the HomeShield parental control. It provides extensive customization options and significant control over the network. One of the feature is parental control feature that is among the most comprehensive in the market, allowing for precise content filtering based on categories for specific devices.

The added layer of Network Protection enhances the security of your home network by proactively preventing potential threats and security issues. Furthermore, the HomeShield feature excels in blocking malware and spam websites across all connected devices.

For added security, the Tether app conducts automatic scans of the router to detect any settings that may pose a security concern. While TP-Link does offer a premium protection tier with advanced features, the standard protection provided is more than sufficient for the majority of users.


TP-Link is currently one of the only brands with a complete Wi-Fi 7 product line-up covering all segments and categories. It represents the future of Wi-Fi, providing the most stable internet in this generation of digital connectivity.

Given its price, I think it is more than enough to use in a small household. However, I believe it is particularly suitable for larger spaces, such as big rented houses with many users or for corporate office use. The Wi-Fi 7 that provides 6GHz internet is still limited to newer devices that support it. Therefore, I consider it a good long-term investment, given that 6GHz internet will be the future of Wi-Fi.


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