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Tired of Triple-A Titles? Check Out the New PlayStation Indies Initiative

As AAA game titles have grown more and more financially demanding, big companies are finding it increasingly difficult to take risks on new concepts and ideas that may or may not fly with consumers.

Here's where the importance of indie developers comes in. With less at stake, indie developers are more willing to rock the boat with new ideas that will possibly shake up the gaming industry. Case in point: indie gems-turned-classics such as Katamari Damacy, LittleBigPlanet, and Journey.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) recognises the importance of indie devs, and has introduced the PlayStation Indies initiative, where SIE spotlights the best of the best indie games published on their platform.

The company has also confirmed that a new indie title will join the PlayStation Now service every month, starting with Hello Neighbor in July.

Along with the announcement, SIE has also debuted nine new titles which are coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Here's hoping that this initiative brings much needed exposure to deserving indie devs. If you're interested to sink your teeth into some of these more obscure titles, here's a more in-depth look at the titles teased in the trailer above:


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