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The Pokemon Center X Ice-Watch Japan Limited Edition Timepiece is Adorable

Die-hard Pokemon fans, here's another collectible to add to your shopping list.

Ice-Watch Japan has collaborated with The Pokemon Centre and Nintendo to create this limited edition timepiece to commemorate to grand reopening of the Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Featuring none other than our favourite electric mouse Pikachu on the watch face, the timepiece maintains the simplistic Ice-Watch aesthetic with gold accents against a white and pink silicone strap.

Of course, you'll get a limited edition box to go along with your shiny new watch.

The Pokemon edition Ice-Watch is available for pre-order on the Pokemon Centre Online Store for ¥17,600 (RM713). There have been no announcements for availability outside Japan, so if you plan to lay your hands on this beauty, be prepared to find your own way to ship one over to Malaysian shores.


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