• Melvyn "STARfisher"

The Pixel 5 Has Automatic Battery Share

Google’s Pixel 5 smartphone automatically turns on its reverse wireless-charging Battery Share feature when plugged into a USB-C charger.

The information comes from a Google support page spotted by 9to5Google (and was also touched on in a little-viewed Google Help video from October 15). It explains that when the Pixel 5 is plugged in and charging, the Battery Share will switch on for a short period while the phone checks if there are any nearby devices making use of the feature. If there aren’t any, it’ll turn off. An accessory or phone has to have Qi-compliant wireless charging and be placed on the back of the Pixel 5 to make use of Battery Share, which can also be turned on manually.

Battery Share is also capable of turning off automatically in cases aside from not detecting devices that are being charged. It’ll switch off when the temperature gets high, when Battery Saver is turned on, when the receiving device has been fully charged, or when it senses that the power transmission “isn’t going well due to poor placement, a thick case, or other issues”. You can also tweak your settings so that the function turns off after your battery level drops to a certain percentage. Sure sounds neat!

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