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The Future is Here - and it Looks Like Xiaomi's Wireless Air Charger

No, we're not charging the air, silly - we're charging your wireless devices through the air! Gone are the days of having to place your smartphone on a wireless charging cradle (or gasp, plugging in the USB cable).

Xiaomi has just announced their Mi Air Charge Technology, which allows your to charge multiple devices simultaneously without any cables or charging stands.

While the company hasn't elaborated on exactly how it works yet, their tweets seems to show that we can now juice up our device batteries from what seems to be air-purifier device placed somewhere within your room.

Although I rejoice the notion of ditching wires and charging cradles, I can already imagine 5G conspiracy theorists out there going crazy about 'wireless waves' killing / brainwashing / poisoning us slowly.

For more info, you may stay tuned to Xiaomi's official platforms for their latest announcements.


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