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The Finals of Ragnarok Online’s “War of 4 Pillars” Will Start on July 24

The finals of Ragnarok Online’s War of 4 Pillars will happen on July 24 and 25 as the participating guilds fight to be the mightiest in Valhalla and Yggdrasil.

A total of US$6,000 (~RM25,338) will be awarded to the winners across both servers. The winning guilds of each server will receive US$1,600 (~RM6,756) each, while US$800 (~RM3,378) will be awarded to each of the 2nd place winners, and finally, two guilds from each server will receive consolation prizes worth US$300 (~RM1,266) each. Besides the cash prizes, winning teams will also be rewarded with in-game money and fancy items.

Tune into the livestream on July 24 for the final battle on Yggdrasil’s server and July 25 for the one on Valhalla’s server. Fans can watch them on Ragnarok MSP’s official website from 8pm onwards on the aforementioned days.

Visit Ragnarok Online MSP’s Facebook page for more information.


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