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The ASUS ROG Delta Gaming Headset is Like a Nice Warm Hug for Your Ears

When I heard that the ASUS ROG Delta gaming headset was situated firmly in the 'atas' neighbourhood with a price tag of around RM800, I thought to myself, 'for that price, this headset better walk my dog, wash my dishes and boost my MMR too'. But after giving this pretty little thing a go, I've decided that maybe this is a headset actually worth forking out a week's salary for after all.

Sorry I dinged the box :'(

The VIP Unboxing Treatment

With most high-end products, the unboxing experience is part of the package. The ROG Delta is no exception.

Instead of the usual box lid that crumples when you violently flip it out with your thumb, we were treated to a flip-lid that swooshed opened gently, complete with the premium vacuum-like feeling that provides just that little bit of resistance to heighten your anticipation.

The packaging already worth RM50

Inside, we were greeted - quite literally - by a hot-stamped placard welcoming us to the Republic of Gamers community. Beneath that lay the headset on a piece of moulded cardboard, which in turn concealed a box that contained all the other bits-and-bobs that came with the package.

So nice, must frame lor

Thoughtful Extras

Apart from the usual paperwork that everyone tosses out immediately, the package also includes a second set of ear cups in a breathable fabric material. These are easily swapped with the default protein leather cups, which is a boon for people who tend to have sweaty ears while gaming (ew.)

Basic and breathable vs luxurious sweat-trap

Another important thing to note is that ROG Delta comes with a USB-C cable by default, which means universal compatibility with everything from PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and current gen mobile phones.

This is a blessing for mobile phone owners whose device doesn't come with a 3.5mm jack, as well as Nintendo fans - it is also compatible with the Switch via its USB-C charging port.

Voez never sounded this good

'But what if my PC doesn't have a USB-C port?' you ask.

Well, that's something you don't have to worry about, as ROG has thoughtfully included a USB-C to USB Type-A adapter in the box. The wire also adds another metre of length to the cable, ensuring that it reaches your PC even if its situated on the floor.

Cable is thicc and sturdy

Superior Comfort and Build

The entire headset screams quality - the box doesn't list the material used, but we're confident that it's some sort of metal alloy judging from its sturdiness.

Notched for easy reference

The headband is expandable to a surprising extent - I usually have to max out other headsets and they'd still barely fit my giant-ass head, but this unit could easily fit IT and his entire fivehead.

Cause it's much bigger than a 4head, geddit??

The earcups and headband are plush and comfortable, while the clamping force is just nice for longer gaming sessions. It's firm enough to withstand some headbanging, but loose enough to accommodate my spectacle frames without making my head feel like it's being squashed by a nutcracker.

Well-Placed But Finicky Controls

On the left earcup lie the controls - a volume dial which doubles as a mute button and a toggle for the RGB lighting.

The right earcup is bare

Speaking of RGB lighting, this is one of the smoothest implementations of RGB lighting I've ever seen. The default setting is the usual rainbow flow that gamers are familiar (can be further customised in the software), but holy guacamole, it is smoother than a baby's butt. It's hypnotic to look at.

Illuminated or Illuminati??

Unfortunately, the volume dial isn't as satisfactory. Instead of a scroll wheel, we have a rocker that you flick up or down to adjust the volume. That in itself isn't so bad until you realise that pressing it at a slightly different angle triggers the mute function, which can be unfortunate if you want to adjust the volume on-the-fly in a coop game but accidentally mute yourself instead.

Quad-DAC Audio Quality

The key highlight of the ROG Delta is the Quad-DAC audio. Now, I'm not an audio enthusiast so I had to look up what that means. From my findings, I discovered that this means that the headset had not one - not two - but four audio drivers: one each for the lows, mids, highs and ultra-highs respectively.

I can't really explain the technical stuff, but to a layperson like me, the headset sounds stunning, especially for a gaming headset, which are notoriously weaker than their audiophile counterparts.

Hehe nakey nakey

The bass might not be heavy enough for people who like their ribcages to vibrate while listening to music, but I found the balance was just right with melodies that were sweet and clear. Everything from rock to EDM to K-Pop sounded rich and creamy with an expansive sound stage that was super immersive.

Gaming-wise, the virtual surround sound worked a treat. Footsteps and gunfire were precise, leaving me no more excuses to get backstabbed in-game anymore. :(

Getting backstabbed in real life, however, is a very real possibility due to the efficacy of the passive sound cancellation. It's not marketed as a noise-cancelling headset, but the snug fit around my ears coupled with the loud audio was enough to block out the sound of my neighbour's never-ending renovation adventures.

So, Buy or No Buy?

That really depends if you have the big bucks to spare - but if you do and so ngam you're looking for a new set of cans to caress your eardrums, the ASUS ROG Delta should be high on your list of things to buy for yourself this Christmas.

It's pricey, but don't forget that you get headphones, a mic and a quad-DAC in one. You'd be hard-pressed to find all 3 components of similar quality separately at a similar price range.

However, if you're a bit tight in the cash department, don't despair! Because in the spirit of Christmas (aiya it's December already ma) - we'll be running a giveaway for this very set of headphones!

All this could be yours! Including the dinged box!

Yeah, this very demo set, blessed by the magic touch of this writer. (Don't worry I washed my hair before testing it okay?!) So, if you're feeling lucky, then stay tuned to our Facebook page for more deets!


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