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The 1.20 update for Minecraft will include rafts, bamboo crafting, and more.

Hmm... desert update

Following today's Minecraft Live 2022 event, players should be quite excited because Mojang's team revealed a bunch of new stuff that will be included in the 1.20 update, which is scheduled to release in 2023. These include a new camel saddle, bamboo construction tools, and rafts for exploring the game's oceanic areas.

Camels may be used while being attacked from a range since they are taller than horses and can take players above mobs' attack ranges. The new bamboo wood set, offered by 3D artist Chi Wong, is another addition. It will come with planks, fences, doors, and trap doors in addition to a special mosaic piece that isn't featured in any other wood set.

(image: DualShockers)

Not only will camels be a new way of travel, but the development of rafts will also be in keeping with the bamboo concept. Wong said of the new aquatic craft, "It functions the same as a boat, it also has a chest, but it looks more adventurous."

Additionally, "chiselled bookshelves" will appear in the game, enabling players to actually store and retrieve their individual books as well as build combinations to open secret bookshelf doorways using redstone.


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