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TGV and AEON to Host Moonlight Drive-In Cinema, Available in 3 Locations

After talks of setting up drive-in cinemas in Ipoh and Jalan Ampang respectively, it seems that major cinema chain TGV Cinemas is jumping onto the hype as well.

TGV and AEON have announced their own version - the Moonlight Drive-In Cinema - to be held in August 2020. Unlike Ipoh's Sini-Drive and Jalan Ampang's M-Junction, TGC and AEON's event is not going to be a permanent fixture. Though it isn't explicitly stated, it is presumed that the parking lots of the participating AEON outlets will be converted into the cinema space just for the limited-time event.

The Moonlight Drive-In event will be held at 3 different AEON Mall outlets: Nilai (14-16 Aug), Bukit Indah (21-23 Aug), and Cheras Selatan (28-30 Aug). The two movies chosen to be aired are none other than Jurassic World, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

If you're keen to hop into a car for *ahem* TGV and chill, head on over to this link to pre-register.

Now, the only thing left to wait for is GSC admin's response ;)


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