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Terraria cross-play feature is in the works as the final wrap-up for update 1.4.5

Terraria DLC or Terraria 2

Re-Logic founder Andrew "Redigit" Spinks has confirmed that the cross-play feature for Terraria is in the works. They intend to wrap up the game with the most sought update for fans to play with friends on other platforms.

Additionally, Re-Logic vice president Whitney "Cenx" Spink added that crossplay "is not guaranteed," but the team really wants to make it happen before they work on a new game.

Hopefully, the devs will figure out how to bring all versions of Terraria together so that fans may dig in regardless of platform. With the concept art for Terraria 2 making its existence by Spinks before the update 1.4.4, it's clear that the Re-Logic team has started to work on a sequel.

Source: PCGamesN , DualSHOCKERS

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