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Tears of Themis to Launch New Limited-Time Event on 3 September

miHoYo announced that Tears of Themis is launching a series of limited-time expedition events on the fictional island of Nosta, where players will go on a hunt for the lost treasure of the Great Gold Heist through completing event missions.

During the event period, there will be four regions of Nosta open for exploration: Beach, Forest, Mountains, and Outer Island. Players can team up with other four friends to complete tasks, find hidden chests, and defeat violating contestants. Players will be able to earn the "Hunter's Badge" after completing random events, which can be exchanged for event rewards. Participating players will earn 25 free draws, 1560 x S-Chip, the event-limited invitation "Sea Breeze", and four event-limited R cards for each of the main characters - Luke, Artem, Vyn, and Marius.

Additionally, the "For Hearts and Mysteries" event Shadow of Themis pool will also be available during this period. SSR cards Luke "Iridescent Heartbeat", Artem "Dreamful Melodies," Vyn "Heartfelt Suspense", and Marius "In the Darkness", will have an increased draw rate. Players can draw the cards using both "Tears of Themis - Pursuit" and event-limited Tears of Themis.

The limited-time event will go live at 11am UTC+9 today (7pm Malaysian Time). Tears of Themis is available on both Android and iOS.


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