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Take Beautiful Photos and Videos with the Samsung Galaxy A22

Taking photos seems inevitable when you’re living in the world today when social media has dominated our daily lives with beautiful pictures posted every day. You can be a skilled photographer but even without a good camera, you won’t be able to take amazing shots. Get the Galaxy A22 now at an affordable price equipped with a great camera system. Weighing only 186 g, you can bring it around anywhere anytime without hassle.

It houses a quad rear camera setup comprising a 48 MP OIS main camera, an 8 MPultra wide camera, a 2 MP macro camera, and a 2 MP depth camera. In daylight, you will get impressive quality shots with the main camera. It is able to retain most details of the subject and the colour optimisation is done very well. Even under low light conditions or during the night, you won’t have to worry about not being able to capture anything in the dark. Thanks to Samsung’s Tetra Binning technology that combines 4 pixels into 1, you can still get some nice night scenery shots with the A22.

If you’re actively posting videos on your Instagram Reels, you can trust the OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) system on the main camera too. You’ll be able to produce stable videos even when you’re moving around while shooting. In addition, the system also helps to deliver sharper and clearer photos even in low lights.

Now, you can get the Galaxy A22 at only RM899 with a great camera system that you need to create some Insta-worthy pictures. Visit this link for a full review of the device.


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