Summer Has Arrived: What's New in Animal Crossing

It's finally June and summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing with it a whole slew of new goodies for players to enjoy. (Sorry Southern Hemisphere players, this guide isn't for you!)

From new items and recipes to simple aesthetic changes, players can finally get a small breath of fresh air in this not-so-fresh-anymore game.

Summer DIYs

Starting today, you'll begin finding a new sort of shell on the beach - Summer Shells look like Conches and Sea Snails, but have a distinctive bright blue hue. These Summer Shells are used in Summer DIY recipes, which will drop via balloons during the season.

Seasonal Slot in Nook's

Seasonal items, such as surfboards and fans, will start appearing in Nook's Cranny. It will be available for purchase from the bottom left corner of the store and will come in unlimited quantities, so remember to invite your buddies over to shop!

New Fish

Time to agonise over the slow, slow process of crafting bait again. Summer is surfing season - and where there are surfers, there are sharks. Look out for finned silhouettes in the sea, and you might just hook up Jaws' chonky cousin.

(Images courtesy of icebr's AC:NH Helper)

  • Giant snakehead (pond; 9am-4pm)

  • Gar (pond; 4pm-9am)

  • Tilapia (river; all day)

  • Piranha (river; 9am-4pm, 9pm-4am)

  • Arowana (river; 4pm-9am

  • Dorado (river; 4am-9pm)

  • Arapaima (river; 4pm-9am)

  • Saddled birchir (river; 9pm-4am)

  • Ribbon eel (sea; all day)

  • Saw shark (sea; 4pm-9am)

  • Hammerhead shark (sea; 4pm-9am)

  • Great white shark (sea; 4pm-9am)

  • Whale shark (sea; all day)

  • Suckerfish (sea; all day)

New and Returning Bugs

Fireflies are hands down my new favourite bug; their brightly-lit rear-ends not only give add an ethereal air to your gardens, they also make 'em easy to catch. All the following bugs are new this season except for the Emperor Butterfly, which is making a grand return after leaving at the end of March.

  • Emperor butterfly (flying; 7pm-8am)

  • Firefly (flying; 7pm-4am)

  • Mosquito (flying; 5pm-4am)

  • Drone beetle (trees; all day)

  • Rainbow stag (trees; 7pm-8am)

  • Goliath beetle (coconut trees; 5pm-8am)

New Event: June Wedding Season

Okay, this is not strictly a summer event as it only takes place from 1 June - 30 June, but it is a new event that happens to fall during summer, so we're including it anyway.

You'll be summoned by Harvey to his island studio, where you'll need to help Reese and Cyrus set up their wedding photo shoot. Each day you play, you'll be rewarded with Heart Crystals, which can be used to exchange for wedding items, as well as exclusive wedding-themed furniture from the lovely wedded couple.

Reese apparently grades your decor based on the number of items placed, as well as how unified your theme looks. If you help make their wedding shoot a memorable one (or spam enough items to fulfil their criteria) you will be able to redeem the following items:

Aesthetic Changes + Flowering Shrubs

Unlike the drastic white snow of winter and the distinctive orange-brown hues of autumn, summer's aesthetic changes are relatively subtle.

Your weeds have suddenly been upgraded to dainty little flowers, while the tulips sitting in a watering can in front of Nook's have been swapped out in favour of a life ring. The storefront now also has a string of shells hanging across the doorframe, adding a nice seasonal touch.

Sorry for the gloomy photos - my island decided to start raining just as I began writing this article :(

Last but not least, your Hydrangea and Hibiscus shrubs should finally start budding now - which is great, until you realise your azaleas have reverted to their drab bloom-less forms.

And that's it for this changelog! If we've missed anything out, please let us know and we'll add them in ASAP. In the meantime, we hope this summary helps you discover the new surprises of summer in Animal Crossing!

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