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Steam Hits New Concurrent User Record, With Cyberpunk 2077 its Most-Played Game

Steam has hit a new concurrent user record of 24,804,148users, with Cyberpunk 2077 being the most-played game at the moment.

The info comes from data tracking site SteamDB (via PC Gamer), and what makes this all the more impressive is that the 24,804,148 concurrent user count wasn’t the number that was initially reported. The original news, which is about a day old, was that Steam had hit 24,776,635 concurrent users, up from the the 22 million count in March. In other words, Steam set a new record, then broke it in around 24 hours.

Of those users, the majority are playing the recently-released Cyberpunk 2077, with 674,958 players playing the first-person RPG at the time of writing (its peak was 1,054,388 players). In contrast, second-placed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has 425,017 players while third-placed Dota 2 has 311,814 players.

What makes it even more remarkable is that Cyberpunk 2077 is currently the only completely single-player game (since multiplayer isn’t out yet) to be in the top ten most-played games on Steam. The only other game on the top ten that has a single-player component is GTA V with 58,433 players, and it’s probably safe to assume that a good chunk of them are playing GTA Online instead of the single-player component.

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