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Steam Game Festival: February 2021 Edition to Begin on February 3

The next Steam Game Festival, an online event which shines the spotlight on upcoming games and offers tons of free demos to play, will begin on February 3 at 10AM Pacific Time.

The Steam Game Festival: February 2021 Edition, as it’s called, will run until February 9. There will be 500 demos to try out during those seven days, as well as livestreams and the ability to chat with developers about their projects. Below’s a teaser video to give you a glimpse of what’s to come.

2020 had Spring, Summer, and Autumn editions of the Steam Game Festival, so it’s possible that there will be more iterations in store later this year. Still, if you’re free during the Steam Game Festival: February 2021 Edition’s period, it’s a great way to sample a varied selection of games from around the world and to potentially find more titles to add to your wishlist.


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