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Steam Deck repair centre are now open

If your Steam Deck has to be repaired, you now have a new choice.

According to Valve, they have announced that new Steam Deck repair centres have opened today. If you have a problem and need to send your Steam Deck to be repaired or replaced, the device will now be sent to one of Steam Deck repair centres.

Repairs for anything covered by the Steam Deck's guarantee (one year in the US) will be free, as according Valve. If your device is no longer under warranty, the company will offer to repair it for a fee. If you do not willing to pay the price, you can reject the repair and request that your Steam Deck be given back.

However, there is also alternative way to repair your Steam Deck. If you feel you can repair your Steam Deck yourself, Valve is quite fine with that. The firm has partnered with iFixit to sell practically every part of the Steam Deck so you can buy the parts you need to repair things yourself.

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