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Steam Autumn Sale And Steam Awards Nominations Are Now Live

The Steam Autumn Sale has kicked off along with the Steam Awards nominations. Both events will run until December 1 at 10am PST, or December 2 at 2am in Malaysia.

The Steam Awards categories that are available for nominations include Game Of The Year, VR Game Of The Year, Labor Of Love, Better With Friends, Outstanding Visual Style, Most Innovative Gameplay, Best Game You Suck At, Best Soundtrack, Outstanding Story-Rich Game, and Sit Back and Relax. Completing four associated tasks – nominating a game, nominating a game for each category, playng a nominated game, and reviewing or updating a review for a nominated gmae – will earn you a badge.

The voting will take place during the Steam Winter Sale, with the winners being announced on January 3 at 10am PST, or January 4 at 2am in Malaysia.

As for the Autumn sale, there are some notable 2020 releases that have had their prices slashed including Death Stranding (RM119.50 after 50% discount), Fall Guys (RM31.20 after 20% discount), Satisfactory (RM44 after 20% discount), Iron Harvest (RM76 after 20% discount) and Doom Eternal (RM78.20 after 67% discount).

In conjunction with the Autumn Sale, the Steam Point Shop has also been updated with some Autumn-themed items including a profile background, avatar frame, and mini-profile background.

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