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Stardew Valley's Biggest Content Update Yet Brings Couch Co-op and Beach Farms

Stardew Valley fans, it's time to get busy, cause developer Eric Barone has just dropped what he claims is the "biggest update yet!"

The update brings significant late-game content to the country-life RPG, on top of new game options for those who enjoy restarting and replaying the game from scratch every now and then. These options include a beach farm, new hairstyles, as well as a variety of advanced game options which allow you to randomise your playthrough up to a certain degree.

Most notably, the update brings split-screen couch co-op into play. You can now enjoy the game with up to 3 other players; all they have to do is press start on a controller connected to the PC.

Being the community-friendly game it is, modders have also been granted early access to 1.5 so they could prep their mods in time for release. Barone says players can expect a whole new slew of features such as new people to meet, new goals, new items, new farm layouts, and more.

For the full changelog, head on over here to check it out.


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