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Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy XVI World Details, Protagonist’s Name (It’s Clive)

Square Enix has dropped some world and character details about the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI via a new teaser site.

FFXVI is set in the land of Valisthea, which has “mountains of crystal” called Mothercrystals that contain aether. Aether allows people to “conjure magicks that let them live lives of comfort and plenty”, and powerful nations have naturally cropped up around these Mothercrystals. There’s uneasy peace between these powers, which are The Grand Duchy of Rosaria, The Holy Empire of Sanbreque, The Kingdom of Waloed, The Dhalmekian Republic, The Iron Kingdom, and The Crystalline Dominion, but they now have to deal with something called the Blight.

In addition, Valisthea has powerful creatures called Eikons which live inside people called Dominants, who are able to “call upon their dread power”. A bit like Naruto’s Jinchuuriki, I guess, except that they’re pre-destined to be one rather than picked by other people. “In some nations these Dominants are treated as royalty in admiration of this strength—in others they are bound in fear of it, and forced to serve as weapons of war,” explains the website. “Those who are born as Dominants cannot escape their fate, however cruel it may be.”

Image source: Square Enix

As for the characters, our protagonist is called Clive Rosfield, the 15-year-old firstborn son of Rosaria’s Archduke. His younger brother Joshua becomes the Dominant of an Eikon called the Phoenix, so Clive, who was expected to be the Dominant, trains in swordplay and ends up as The First Shield of Rosaria, who guards the Phoenix and can use some of its power. Obviously, bad stuff happens. “Clive's promising career is to end in tragedy at the hands of a mysterious dark Eikon, Ifrit, setting him on a dangerous road to revenge,” says his description.

The other characters that the website touches on include Joshua himself, who gets a hilarious description (“Joshua quails at the sight of a carrot on his dinner plate. But carrots become the least of his concern when he, too, is swept up into the tragic events that change Clive's life forever.”), as well as Jill Warrick. Jill hails from the Northern Territories, but was raised alongside the Rosfield brothers as a ward of Rosaria for the sake of peace between Rosaria and her homeland. She’s described as a kind person and “trusted confidant to the brothers”, but as the non-combatant/Dominant, it’d be interesting to see how much of a role she plays in the story.

You can check out the FFXVI teaser site here.


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