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Speed Brawl Is Back As a Free Game on EGS This Week

Double Stallion Games' Speed Brawl is back as a freebie on Epic Games Store this week after a "technical issue" delay. Besides that, turn-based game, Tharsis is also available for free.

Speed Brawl

Last month, Speed Brawl was supposed to be one of the free games on Epic Games Store but was delayed due to a technical issue. As it seems, the issue has been solved and Speed Brawl is back with a free release.

Featuring gorgeous 2D pixel art, Speed Brawl takes place in an alternate timeline, where the British faced a race of aliens called, the Selenites. Every year, they hold the eponymous “Speed Brawl” to quell the growing tensions and restlessness in 1888 Victorian England.


Tharsis follows a team of astronauts on the first manned mission to Mars to track down a signal that is apparently extraterrestrial in origin. However, they must resort to desperate measures when a micrometeorite storm hit their spacecraft.

Using simulated dice, players will control four astronauts in an attempt to fix the damaged ship, and keep the crew alive by managing their dice cache, health, and stress level. Players can resort to the worst choice to keep the crew alive if they run out of food - cannibalism. Players can choose to let the surviving crew feed on the other members who were killed during the storm. Of course, this decision would have negative effects on the crew's stress levels and maximum health.

Speed Brawl can be claimed here and Tharsis can be downloaded here.


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