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Spectator Mode and Replays Arrive in League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift has just revealed Patch 2.1, which brings with it a whole host of updates, including the Lunar Beast event which runs from 4 February to 3 March, two new champions, a new skin line, balances to the Yordle champions, as well as gameplay and quality of life changes.

Here are some key tidbits from their official patch notes:


You can now access replays of your last 50 matches. Replays feature a new HUD showing both teams' items, summoner spells, gold earned, and more.

  • Replays can be accessed from your Match History page or the end-of-game screen.

  • Watch the match back as it happened or follow any other player in the game.

  • Different playback speed settings are available, ranging from 0.5× to 8× speed.

  • Rewinding/timeskipping is not currently supported.

  • Replays cannot be used for Practice Mode games.

  • Replays will expire with each new patch.

Spectator Mode

Spectator mode has been implemented with a three minute delay to avoid game spoilers. Custom games feature three spectator slots, and do not have any delay.

  • In order to spectate a player in a matchmade game, you must be friends with them.

  • You must be on the same game version to spectate a player.

  • If you don’t want to make a... spectacle of yourself, turn off “Allow spectators” in the Settings menu.

  • When spectating, the map will always be oriented with Baron Lane at the top and Dragon Lane at the bottom.

New Skins

For those who are all about that bling, this patch includes 6 new Lunar Beast skins along with returning skins.

  • Lunar Beast Alistar

  • Lunar Beast Annie

  • Lunar Beast Darius

  • Lunar Beast Fiora

  • Lunar Beast Jarvan IV

  • Lunar Beast Miss Fortune

  • Panda Teemo

  • Cosmic Dawn Rakan

  • Cosmic Dusk Xayah

  • Heartseeker Vayne

  • Sweetheart Rakan

  • Sweetheart Sona

  • Sweetheart Xayah

New Champions

Vastayan partners and lovers Rakan and Xayah will be making their debut in Wild Rift with their highly synergistic play style. They will be arriving later in the patch.

New Features

  • Ping display Added the ability to see your exact latency in game.

  • Portrait lock By popular demand, added the ability to choose the order in which enemies appear when using Portrait Lock.

  • In-game chat The in-game chat settings have been updated. All / Team / Off is now All / Team / Party. The new Party setting allows for premade party chat while hiding chat from other team members.

  • Summoner spell timers Added an indicator around summoner spell buttons showing exactly how long spell casts like Barrier and Ghost will be active.

  • Smite indicator Added a visual indicator to indicate reduced gold from minions if using the Smite summoner spell.

More info on the Lunar Beast event will be released later on in the patch, along with the event itself.


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