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Sony Reportedly Cutting Down PS5 Production Due to Shortages and Supply Issues

Sony's PS5 has been facing supply issues since it launched a year ago and with the pandemic hit, it seems that PS5 production will be more heavily affected. According to Bloomberg, the Japanese company has reduced its PS5 production target for this fiscal year from 16 million units to 15 million units. Previously, Sony had set a sales target of 14.8 million units sold by March 2022.

The news echoes the statements from Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki during an investor call last month, who said shortages and supply issues have become worse, and the pandemic restrictions in each country could further impact the production. Still, the PS5 is Sony's fastest-selling console as it has sold 10 million units as of July 2021 and there's still an outrageous demand in the market.


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