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Sons of The Forest Early Access Out Now: Steam rating is 90% Very Positive

Call upon your friends and get chased by tons of aggressive naked men!

"Sons of The Forest" Early Access is now available on Steam. At the time of publishing, the "Sons of The Forest" all-time peak players count has reached 269,563, surpassing "Hogwarts Legacy" as the 3rd most played game according to SteamDB.

"Sons of The Forest" is a sequel to "The Forest", developed by Endnight Games. As mentioned above, Early Access is out now and priced at RM72, anyone who is interested in the game may get it on Steam.

However, as the game was still in early access, players will be facing optimization issues that cause fps loss even on a 4080 graphics card. Thus, if you just wanna chill with your friends on the new The Forest game if the optimization issue doesn't bother you. It's your call.

Source: SteamDB


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