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SonicGear SonicBar 5300BT | Excellent Sound for a Good Price

Are you looking for a soundbar or any audio products but don't want to break your wallet? You could always look to SonicGear for their high quality audio speakers for only a low price!

Today we will be looking at their Sonicbar 5300BT soundbar with wireless subwoofer. Let’s find out if this is the product for you.



Affordable Price

3D Surround Sound a little lacking

Good build quality

Fabric build will collect dust overtime

Bluetooth 5.0

Excellent Sound Quality

Wireless Subwoofer

What’s Inside

The SonicBar 5300BT comes in a white packaging with both the soundbar and the subwoofer packaged in the same box. Also included in the box is the remote control, two power adapters, an optical cable, an aux cable, screws for wall mount and user manual.


The SoundBar 5300BT is about the same length as a 27” monitor with a soft fabric design covering on the front and top parts. The rest of the parts that are not fabric are made out of solid glossy plastic. The inner parts of the soundbar are loaded with a 40 x 80 mm driver with 17.5W RMS power output. On the front of the speaker there is an LCD indicator that will show which connection mode the speaker is currently on.

At the bottom of the soundbar, 2 anti-skid pads can be found on both left and right and a reflex port and wall mounts are near there too.

Behind the soundbar 4 ports can be found. These are the AUX, optical, HDMI ARC and DC in ports.

Onto the subwoofer, it is built in a compact size so that it won’t take a lot of space when displayed. It’s wireless also meaning you won’t have to connect a cable directly into the soundbar for it to work, However it will need its own power supply to operate.

The subwoofer comes with a 5.25” speaker driver with fabric cover located on the right side of the subwoofer.

Sound Quality

The SonicBar 5300BT can be considered as a “All-in-One” audio entertainment, with 4 useful connection modes. Bluetooth for mobile devices, HDMI ARC for TV, optical for TV box and AUX for older devices. Thanks to digital connections like HDMI ARC and optical, everything is processed by the soundbar directly. You get the cleanest audio quality through digital. Perfect for audiophiles that got into the hobby recently.

Besides digital connections, Bluetooth connection is not too shabby as well. It is able to get connected up to 8m with obstacles like walls and with virtually no lag between video and audio playback thanks to the soundbar supporting BlueTooth 5.0. So you can game and stream movies worry free.

The sound quality can be described as “flexible” all thanks to the treble and bass adjustment. On the soundbar settings, you can find that there are 3 equaliser settings to be found although there isn’t much difference between them. There is also a 3D surround sound option, however in my testing it sounds almost the same as the normal sound option.

To Buy or Not To Buy

The SonicGear SonicBar 5300BT is a nice budget companion for your TV and PC monitor. It is also a cheap alternative to other higher priced soundbars on the market.

And with a wireless subwoofer you get to enjoy clear tremble and amazing bass with it, perfect for gaming, movie streaming and music playback!


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