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Social Media Ads Are Suspended in Russia and Ukraine

Amidst the crisis between Ukraine and Russia, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have suspended ads in both countries.

Firstly, Twitter is temporarily stopping all ads in Ukraine and Russia to "ensure critical public safety information." In a tweet thread, Twitter outlines a list of measures to protect its users, including suspension on "some" tweet recommendations from people users aren’t following.

Twitter also states that it's "proactively reviewing Tweets to detect platform manipulation (or other inauthentic behavior) and taking enforcement action against synthetic and manipulated media that presents a false or misleading depiction of what’s happening."

Facebook's Head of Security Policy, Nathaniel Gleicher announced, "We are now prohibiting Russian state media from running ads or monetizing on our platform anywhere in the world." He also noted that Facebook will continue to apply labels to "additional Russian state media".

Facebook has also rolled a feature in Ukraine that lets Ukrainians lock their Facebook profiles, only allowing their friends to view their posts, photos, and Stories.

Lastly, YouTube is also blocking state-backed Russian media outlets from advertising and earning money on its platform. YouTube spokesperson Farshad Shadloo told Reuters that it's "pausing a number of channels’ ability to monetize on YouTube, including several Russian channels affiliated with recent sanctions. YouTube has restricted access to RT and some other channels in Ukraine.


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