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Snapchat Rolls Out Friendship Lenses in Malaysia

During this pandemic especially under the lockdown, many are depressed for not being able to go out and not meeting their friends. Snapchat has rolled out a series of lenses for its users to connect and communicate with their friends online.

According to the company, many Malaysians are using the Snapchat app and they are using the app as much as 81% more during the pandemic to communicate with friends. Snapchat's new lenses allow users to celebrate their friendship in fun and creative ways.

The "Story About Friend" lens lets users show off and brag about their best friend by describing any memory or experience shared together.

"Your Best Friend" lens allows users to test and identify their best friend from their most frequent contacts on Snapchat. Users can choose who they would like to do activities with like watch a movie, go on a road trip, go to a party with, and more.

"My friend is..." lens lets users choose adjectives that match their best friend's character the most such as carefree or a perfectionist, introvert or extrovert, funny or serious, and more.

Lastly, the "Virtual Action" lens allows users to show love to their best friend by sending virtual hugs.

Users can activate the Snapchat lenses by scanning these Snapcodes.


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