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Skybound Games Announces August Release Date for Closer the Distance Game!

Skybound Games, creator of The Walking Dead gaming Franchise, has recently announced that they will be releasing a Slice-of-Life Sim Game titled 'Closer the Distance' and the game is set for launch on August 2nd. The game will be released on several platforms which includes PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC via Steam.

Closer the Distance is an emotional slice-of-life simulation game which immerses players in a deeply moving narrative of the bonds between family and friends in the face of tragedy. Players will assume the role of Angela, a young girl who lives in a small town called Yesterby, who unfortunately loses her life in a car accident.

Angela can only watch her loved ones from the afterlife, watching what her death has impacted. Though she also has the ability to help influence their actions and emotions as they are filled with grief. The game's mechanic and gameplay mainly focuses on Angela's ability to guide the townspeople, and her choices may well affect the overall future of Yesterby.

The game is designed to be an emotionally, yet wholesome experience for players. There is a large focus on empathy, community, friendship and closure as the overall theme for the game. The choices made during the game ensures that players will be able to create thier own outcome for the story, making a more unique and independent narrative journey with each new playthrough.

Skybound Games officially released the game trailer for 'Closer the Distance' on their official YouTube channels, which you can watch down below:

While the game might not be released on Steam yet, players will be able to try out the game and experience the gameplay by downloading the Demo version of the game.

For those who wants to experience an emotional rollercoaster adventure, then be sure to watch out for the release of 'Closer the Distance' that will be releasing on August 2nd 2024!


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