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Sila Upgrade Kepada 5G: Razer Joins the Cult of 5G with their Sila 5G Home Router Concept

Sorry 'bout the pun, but all I can hear whenever someone mentions Razer's gaming router is 'sila masukkan tiket anda'.

Jokes aside, Razer revealed that they've been working on a 5G version of their Sila router, which relies on a wireless 5G connection to bring you high-speed and reliable Wi-Fi performance for gaming.

Interestingly enough, it also doubles as a wireless hotspot with its rechargeable battery - theoretically allowing you to run a LAN party in your garden if you're so inclined.

As with the original Razer Sila, the 5G version also features Razer's FasTrack technology, which allows you to prioritise specific hardware or apps - which is handy if your roommate is trying to stream K-dramas while you're trying to raid dungeons. This can be controlled via a companion iOS or Android app, which also allows you to perform other actions such as set up guest networks.

And yes, it will have RGB - Razer has mentioned that Chroma lighting will be included.

As this is merely a concept, prices and release dates are unknown.


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